13 December 2016

DAE Tools 1.6.0-beta4

Updated support for optimisation problems and optimisation solvers. A new Chemical Engineering Optimisation Examples section has been added with 5 COPS optimisation, optimal control and parameter estimation tests.


01 December 2016

New section: Chemical Engineering Optimisation Examples

A new section Chemical Engineering Optimisation Examples has been added to the documentation with large-scale Constrained Optimization Problem Set (COPS) optimisation, parameter estimation and optimal control tests: 5, 6, 12, 13 and 14.


23 November 2016

New section: Chemical Engineering Examples

A new section Chemical Engineering has been added to the documentation with some very basic and some more advanced models such as Li-ion battery (porous electrode theory by J.Newman) and Porous membrane model (using Generalised Maxwell-Stefan equations).


29 June 2016

DAE Tools 1.5.0 released

The most important new features:

  • The new c++/MPI code generator.
  • New types of plots in the DAE Plotter.
  • Fixed bugs in calculation of initial conditions.
  • Added global dt, d, d2, dt_array, d_array and d2_array functions.


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